St. Kitts Music Festival Brand Ambassador

Chilaka Gloria Osinachi

St. Kitts Music Festival Brand Ambassador, Chilaka Gloria Osinachi, is a recent graduate with a degree in medicine, from the Windsor University, in St. Kitts.

It is her intention to help target and attract higher levels of participation from students of that institution.

Though she had her early years of education in her native Nigeria, Chilaka also attended university in the Benin  Republic  in  the  western  region  of  Africa,  before proceeding  here  to  St. Kitts to complete  her  studies  at  Windsor  University.

This 28 year old ambassador enjoys karaoke every once in a while with friends. Chilaka who loves nature, also pushes herself to stay healthy while motivating others to be adventurous.

Chilaka aspires to  be  a  philanthropist,  and  to  work  with  global  leaders  to  proffer  ingenious  solutions  to  different  issues,  especially  health-related  ones.

But in the meantime, Chilaka is focused for the next few months, on helping to promote the St. Kitts Music Festival and will use her linguistic skills in various languages, to do so. This ambassador is highly professional and an excellent team player.

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